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home shipping.com is not trustful,no clear description of the kind of shipment mentioned in their website and even when i talked to them they mentioned only about the weight and the number of shipments.After they took my luggage to ship it from USA to overseas and after i paid 835$ for 5 bags and one medium box to receive it in 5-10 days.

I got an e-mail after 5 days from them asking for 377$ more, i asked why she said for the dimensions of the bags though the size of the bags is the size allowed in airplane traveling. I e-mailed customer services to help me out but no reply for one week then i called them, he asked for 550$ not 337$ to receive my shipment ..they are dishonest and not respective company.

Another advise don't give your credit card over the phone.My card number was stolen.

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Home Shipping - Please stay away from homeshipping.com

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I have engaged homeshipping.com to assist with my shipping of goods from United States to overseas.This has been my worse experience where they did not put the proper instructions to send the goods, they had hidden charges of almost 100% of the original value what you pay in US and over and above I had challenges in receiving the goods as well in proper shape.

There is no definition of customer service and you pretty much have to chase everyone yourself and they will never respond or return back your calls / emails.

I engaged them for $450 dollars and paid additional $400 to get my goods and not to mention, had 2 months of delay over and above the shipping dates.PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE or else you will be cheated like me

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Home Shipping is horrible.

I packaged a sewing machine for a customer in a box just like Home shipping told me to and they completely destroyed the sewing machine and delivered it destroyed.I even have pictures.

They can expect a BBB claim and They will be sending me my money back for destroying my product.

I would never use this service.

I wouldnt recommend this service.

Stay clear of these people

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands #707030

Completly destroyed my very fragile package, then asked me to pay for re packing it. Unbelievable. :( i wish i saw these reviews before shipping with them

to ***edoffcostumer Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands #707107

They helped me out free of charge so i hope all goes ok now


I totally agree with the above positing.This homeshipping is nothing but a rip off!

They mislead you and you end up paying a fortune. They lost some of the boxes and took a while to locate them. Not to mention that they are the worst customer service.

I will never deal with them ever again!:(



you opted not to take that door to door service to save money.We emailed you and explained to you numerous times over the phone regarding the destination fees that is paid in Indian currency.

We advised you that these fees are paid locally to the Indian authority. We don't see it and we do not profit from it.

When you asked us for refund, we were not able to give a refund on the destination fees, because we do not see these fees.Good luck

to Kath Adams Madrid, Madrid, Spain #723897

I paid for door to door service and was told it would cover all costs. Now they're asking for an additional $500 to clear customs. Unbelievable.

I'm hoping this is a misunderstanding and they'll clear it up in the next day. If not, it's time to file a complaint with the BBB.

I would advise you do the same if you feel cheated, at least to warn other consumers.

Yes, customer service is non-existent and getting answers is like pulling teeth.


I have shipped 2 TVs and 3 boxes of household items from Sanfrancisco to India.The only reason to go for shipping was one barely used Samsung 52" TV and another 36" Sony Bravia TV which I couldn't sell after loosing my job in US.

When I contacted Homeshipping.com they provided the least quote to ship the items as LCL. But they did not tell me that they will ship the item from US to Singapore alone and rest of the voyage is through their forwarding agent Team Global. They items were put on hold in Singapore for a long time and they were repacked and send to India. During the voyage my TVs were stolen.

I enquired about insurance to cover damage during handling but they mentioned that I need to pack the item through a professional packer to get itemised insurance and that too the insurance did not cover individual items being stolen like it happened to me.

Ultimately I lost my TV which could have fetched easily about $1200 in secondary market.Both Homeshipping.com alias Universal Express and Team Global did not even pay a penny and moreover they charged shipping, clearing and forwarding charges out of my pocket.

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